This project was adopted from my grandfather Lourens Aukes zn van der Meij (1891—1978) who gathered information on 9 generations of our family tree after retiring as superintendent of the dike in Friesland, The Netherlands.

With my own retirement I have more time and interest contemplating my own place in life.
I started this project by entering all available data in a genealogy software package (
Kith and Kin Pro) and collected missing evidence which nowadays can be found online for the most part.

With the help of a similarly interested grandnephew Sijbren (Siep) van der Meij and some professional help we we came to realize that my grandfather was stuck at one point and turned to professional help with his research. That's when he was sent in the wrong direction. We then had to unravel a rare event in our history in which three namesakes were active in the same place and period. We now can connect with the "van der Mey" family tree, as described in the “Genealogysk Jierboek 2009” (ISBN: 9789062738267) adding another 7 generations to our forefather Jan van der Meye. Siep and I have joined forces with the maintenance and complementing of the family tree.

Jan van der Meye was mentioned living in Het Bildt, Friesland, Habsburg Netherlands in 1527 for the first time where he used 27 morgen and 38 roeden in the Pieter Schaerts lot at St. Annaparochie as a farmer. This lot was then used by his son Heyndrick who had a farm east of his called Haanburg. The location of the farms can be seen on the map on the Bildtdijk north of S ANNEN Parochie (St. Annaparochie) where it reads “Cornet Hendrick Van Der Meije” as son of Heyndrick.
Hendrick’s elder brother Frans Janz had a farm east of his called Uitwijk. The map depicts the situation in Het Bildt after the devastating
All Saints’ floods of 1570. .

It is assumed that Jan van der Meye is one of the many emigrants from Holland ready to exploit new opportunities in Het Bildt, Friesland which was reclaimed from the sea in 1505.

Together with the maintenance of the family tree the search for this Jan van der Meye, is keeping Siep and me occupied.

Please follow the link to our family tree.

Lourens Aukes zn
van der Meij

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